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When I was three, my grandmother gave me a tiny book in which I could record my days in the form of symbols - for the weather, plants and animals I had seen, and so forth. I loved this book. I grew to be an avid reader, and still am. I grew to be an avid learner and still am. I also grew to be a filler of sketchbooks, and like many artists, I am always searching for the perfect one – which quite naturally led me to bookbinding classes.

Artist's Books

Now, I am not exactly the perfect bookbinder. I took several years to learn to cut paper and board, and my rulers all have scoring from the knife – as do my hands. Even worse, I cannot measure. Every measurement turns out different. I am also left-handed, which shouldn’t make a difference, but it does, largely because most tools are made for right handers. In addition I can't follow diagrams. So, with these impediments, I have had to develop my very first book was made from leaves.

Therefore, I’m not a bookbinder’s bookbinder.

But I am an artist who makes the books I want to fill. Two very different things. And filling is generally my aim. I am primarily inspired by content, and make the structure to suit that, within my limitations. I have also discovered that the book form is a wonderful way to present some of my work. An artist’s book can contain a body of work which might not be suited to an exhibition. It needs no expensive framing. It can be as weird as I like, and its size suits me well. I just love the challenge to find ways around my lack of measurement and cutting skills, and I love to find new ways to use combinations of materials. And I seriously owe it to my first, and very constant and patient teacher Adele Outteridge, for teaching me what skills I mostly use.